Made in USA

Sioux City Jerky is proud to be a "Made in the USA" company.  We feel very strongly about helping improve our great country by employing people locally and in the USA.  We hope you like our mission as much as you like our gourmet jerky.

A Taste Above

We use only the finest ingredients for our gourmet jerky.  From the beef and pork to the spices and other natural flavorings.  All our gourmet jerky is gluten free and we never add any MSGs or preservatives.  So you can be sure that our jerky is the best you have ever had.


A portion of every sale is donated to the Children's Miracle Network.  Since 1983, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals have been helping provide care for millions of children.  The more jerky you eat, the more we can continue to help this great organization and the children who rely upon it.  Thank you!

Peppered Orange Teriyaki Beef Jerky NEW
A blend of pepper and orange intertwining with a teriyaki flavor, leaves you yearning for more.Gourm..
Sumo Teriyaki Beef Jerky NEW
For those who love the teriyaki flavor, this will throw your expectations out of the ring.Gourmet Be..
Apple Woods Bacon Jerky NEW
A sweet delight matched with the taste of apple woods smoked flavor.  Imagine the taste of a st..
BBQ Bacon Jerky NEW -24%
The savory taste of BBQ engulfs this bacon jerky.  Bacon is not just for breakfast anymore.Gour..
$4.25 $3.25
Mapled Bacon Jerky NEW
This bacon jerky is engulfed with the perfect amount of Maple flavor.  For those that love to p..
Sea Salt & Honey Beef Jerky NEW
Sea salt blown on the sweet taste of honey.Gourmet Beef Jerky made in the USA. ..
Tropical Cyclone Beef Jerky NEW
A gush of  rotating flavors providing your taste buds a combination of pineapple, mango and ter..
Crackin Pepper Beef Jerky NEW
The taste of pepper dances in your mouth, providing the ultimate taste of pepper for the pepper love..
Garlic Pepper Beef Jerky NEW
Garlic and Pepper that swirls in your mouth. Like the taste of Mama's Pot Roast.Gourmet Beef Jerky m..
Original Beef Jerky NEW
Provides the perfect blend of spices for the traditional jerky lover.Gourmet Beef Jerky made in the ..
Spiced Sweetly Beef Jerky NEW
A  smooth sweetness covers your pallet with a gentle touch of heat.Gourmet Beef Jerky made in t..
Carne Asada Beef Jerky NEW
Perfectly marinated brisket Jerky that provides the traditional Carne Asada flavor.Gourmet Beef Jerk..
Creeping Heat Beef Jerky NEW
A gentle flavor building to an unexpected delight of fire in your mouth.Gourmet Beef Jerky made in t..
Mango Habanero Beef Jerky NEW
The sweet mango taste coats your mouth and as you chew the flavor of the respected Habenero creeps..
Smoked Sriracha Beef Jerky NEW
The Fiery Sriracha flavor that everyone loves mixed with a sweet smoky BBQ flavor.Gourmet Beef Jerky..
Smoked Up BBQ Beef Jerky NEW
A succulent taste of smoked BBQ like it was just pulled out of the smoker.Gourmet Beef Jerky made in..