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Apple Woods Bacon Jerky

A sweet delight matched with the taste of apple woods smoked flavor.  Imagine the taste of a st..


Elk Jerky

The tender taste of Grass Fed Elk Jerky that melts in your mouth...

Python Jerky NEW

Python Jerky

Tender exotic Jerky that makes you crave for more...

Venison Jerky NEW

Venison Jerky

The amazing taste of venison, so delicious and savory...


BBQ Bacon Jerky

The savory taste of BBQ engulfs this bacon jerky.  Bacon is not just for breakfast anymore.Gour..


Carne Asada Beef Jerky

Perfectly marinated brisket Jerky that provides the traditional Carne Asada flavor.Gourmet Beef Jerk..


Crackin Pepper Beef Jerky

The taste of pepper dances in your mouth, providing the ultimate taste of pepper for the pepper love..


Creeping Heat Beef Jerky

A gentle flavor building to an unexpected delight of fire in your mouth.Gourmet Beef Jerky made in t..


Freddy Falcon Flaming Beef Jerky

Freddy's Flaming, lines your mouth with sweet mango and as you swallow the habanero flavor begins to..


Freddy Falcon Original Beef Jerky

Don't be fooled, Freddy's Original flavor offers the traditional jerky connoisseur the perfect blend..


Freddy Falcon Smokey BBQ Beef Jerky

Freddy's Smokey BBQ beef jerky offers the amazing smoked BBQ'd flavor like you just pulled it off th..


Garlic Pepper Beef Jerky

Garlic and Pepper that swirls in your mouth. Like the taste of Mama's Pot Roast.Gourmet Beef Jerky m..


Korean Recipe Beef Jerky

The perfect blend of ginger, honey, Brown sugar, sesame seeds and other flavors that will dance in y..


Mango Habanero Beef Jerky

The sweet mango taste coats your mouth and as you chew the flavor of the respected Habenero creeps..