Our Story

I have always loved the great taste of beef jerky and as a child my love for it only increased when my family & I moved from Iowa to Kansas when I was fourteen years old. Eating the “gas station” brand meat sticks and local home made jerky was always a treat back then.

Being an avid outdoorsman, I have always loved the taste of different flavors of jerky. Be it deer, beef, and other types of jerky, it is a great way to preserve and enjoy the meat provided to us as a hunter. From that I developed the dream of opening my own beef jerky business.

As the years flew by I was unable to pursue my dream because of the lack of financing and other obstacles that I encountered. After my life altering motorcycle accident I made a bucket list of items I wanted to do before it was too late. Completing my Bachelors degree in Business was at the top of that list. While pursuing this I had to write a paper on “How to Start Your Own Business”. It was then that I decided to finally begin the process of starting my own beef jerky business.

At first progress moved very slowly, but after losing my daughter and four grand children in a devastating house fire, I began to push forward to get my business up and running. I realized that my business was not only a life long dream, but could also be used as a tool to help give to different charitable organizations in memory of my daughter and grandchildren.

So I welcome you to try a piece of Sioux City Jerky and I know you will enjoy every bite.

- Marty Mortimer , Owner